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Wide Sky Disposal is a Certified Aboriginal Business and has been operating in Fort Nelson, BC since 1989. With a wide variety of services, we have become a household name in the area and each day we are striving to keep up with the commercial and industrial community as well as the oil patch for all of their waste and recycling needs.

Our depot located at 4501-55th Street, Fort Nelson, BC is a drop off point for recyclable beverage containers, used oil, paints and batteries. We also maintain a 7-acre parcel of land which is used to store scrap metals for sorting, processing and for future recycling.  If you’re unsure about any product please give us a call!

We strive to be a leader in the oil and gas industry and maintain a good standing relationship with the Workers’ Compensation Board and have achieved our CORE and IRP 16 status.  We are also listed in good standing with ISNetworld  and Avetta.

Our Mission Statement

Wide Sky Disposal strives to maintain a high set of standards and every precaution is taken to ensure the proper handling of all waste products.


Company Profile

Based out of Fort Nelson, BC, Wide Sky Disposal serves a wide range of customers. From residential and commercial communities to the oil patch, we meet all of your waste and recycling needs.

Our Depot is located at 4501-55th Street in Fort Nelson where customers are able to return their beverage containers for deposit. Approximately 25,000 beverage containers come through our doors on a weekly basis.

At our depot, we also accept waste oil, rags and filters. The waste oil is mostly used to heat our shop during the winter in our Clean Burn furnace. In the summer months, the extra oil is stored in a 2000 gallon tank which has a secondary containment. The oil rags and oil filters are stored
separately in 45 gallon oil drums. Any contaminated items with oil on them, go in the oil rag drum. All 45 gallon drums have lids and are sealed and placed on pallets at our shop ready for shipment. All used oil and waste oil items are shipped by GFL to Prince George, BC

We are the main drop off depot for paints, stains, varnishes, primers and sealers. These items must have proper labelling or they will not be accepted by us. Once received, these items are stored in an 8’x12’ concrete storage room in 2 cubic yard totes and are shipped by us
to Product Care Association in Prince George, BC.

We are also the drop off center for used batteries. When the customer brings them in, they are required to sign off on our “Lead Acid Battery Drop-Off Record Sheet”. This records the date, customer name, address, city, vehicle make, license plate number, contact number and a customer signature. It is also recorded the number of batteries that they are dropping off. The batteries are placed on a pallet, 2 batteries high, shrink wrapped and then placed in a sea-can for storage until ready for shipment. The batteries are then shipped by us to K.C. Recycling in Trail, BC.

We also look after our steel yard which is a 7-acre parcel of land. All steel that is brought in ends up here where we have a hoe with a shear attachment to process the steel to the appropriate sizes. The steel is then loaded up on our trucks with another hoe that has a magnet attachment and is then shipped to Richmond Steel in Fort St. John, BC.

Wide Sky Disposal operates the local landfill and transfer station for the Northern Rockies Regional Municipality (NRRM). Our Manager is a SWANA certified “manager of landfill operations” and several of our employees are SWANA certified landfill operators. We have a compactor on site and this landfill is constantly being maintained to NRRM and Ministry of Environment regulation. At the transfer station all waste products entering the landfill must pass through the NORM detector and then onto the scales to be weighed and monitored as to prevent any prohibited materials from entering.

We own and service well over 1000 overhead garbage dumpsters on a weekly basis. We have 2 overhead garbage trucks on the go daily, ensuring that local businesses and rural residential customers needs’ are met. We also supply overhead bins for temporary construction
uses as well, which we can service on an on call basis.

Our 8, 20, 25 and 30 cubic yard roll off dumpsters consistently meet the needs of most oil and gas industry customers, as well as local and non local construction/demolition groups. We have 3 roll off trucks that run daily, which haul these units to and from sites in Fort Nelson and all surrounding areas.

Our demolition crew is always ready for any job, big or small. But if you’re looking to rent, our heavy duty rental equipment is competitively priced and well taken care of to ensure that there be no down time or cost loss. Wide Sky has also recently added snow clearing to our list of available services with the addition of a new bobcat to our fleet.

Wide Sky Disposal strives to maintain a high set of standards and every precaution is taken to ensure the proper disposal and handling of all waste products.